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CSL-6000, 1D/2D, LCD Reader, Fixed Type


Cellphone Reader for 1D/2D Barcode

CSL-6000 Cellphone Reader can read and decode 1D/2D symbols displayed on the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) of cellphone and printed on paper.
Application area is Mobile applications & systems, Kiosks and Ticketing applications (i.e., airline & train ticketing)

  • Cellphone and paper readability.
  • Command-leveled setup and system control for the interface with application programs.
  • Fast decoding of 1D/2D symbols.
  • Easy firmware upgrade.
  • Competitive price.
  • World-wide largest LCD Window size. [65mm(W)*45mm(H)]
  • Support to various hardware types for OEM/ODM customer’s requirements.
  • RS232C, USB (USB to Serial), HID Keyboard interface